Taking the El Train

I’m assuming we all watched ER so we’re familiar with the trains in Chicago? A sort of cross between a metro system and suburban train which, in ER, is always moodily shot in the dark. 

Well we took the train from the Airport to our hotel. We were expecting naturally to feel like we were in some melodrama (hopefully not the medical emergency kind but, you know, the overimportant glances, we’re all saving lives here you know kind)!

It wasn’t quite like that. We were crammed in with our suitcases and spent 40 minutes trying not to fall asleep. But on the plus side it was very easy. 

I spent my time trying not to look at the 6 lanes in each direction freeway we will probably be taking on Tuesday when we pick up the car! So obviously I played some Pokemon Go to distract myself. 

Tom tried not to look tired or fall asleep. I’ll let you judge the success or otherwise of this strategy:

But we made it to our hotel! It’s an amazing Art Deco building that takes up almost the whole block. It reminds us of the Hotel Nacional where we stayed in Havana, except this is what that hotel would be like if it had been modernised and updated at all in the last 60 years. 


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