Waiting for Brunch

We’re hoping this isn’t like waiting for Godot as there should, surely, be brunch at the end of all this. 

I think I have watched too much Sex and the City in my younger days, so when I suggested to Tom that we spend Sunday morning having a lazy brunch I had a distinct picture in my head. 

We would be in a restaurant. Not too upmarket, quite casual, and it would be full of people relaxing with Mimosas (turns out this is what Americans call Bucks Fizz) and various dishes involving eggs. We would stroll in and join the fun, having a relaxed and lengthy breakfast. 

So I looked up some places, we chose one and headed off. After getting really lost in a shopping mall when we got off the train we finally found the place. It’s heaving. Obviously we have done well as we have found one of ‘the places’ to have brunch. However, so has everyone else. 

So we’ve walked down to the river, strolled around, played some Pokémon Go and then sat about. It’s been almost an hour so our table should be ready soon!! Food looks good though so hoping it will be worth it. 

In the meantime here’s a photo of Tom looking at the river outside the American Bar Association. I think he’s pretending to be in ‘The Good Wife’. 


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