Rookie Mistake

While in Rome… We thought we should try a classic Chicago pizza. Deep dish with a crust like a pie and loads of cheese. 

We investigated and chose our place, went along and ordered. It was quite late so we were really hungry so we went for a medium pizza, despite the fact we probably should have gone for small. But the sizes were on the wall, and the medium didn’t look that big really. 

We were wrong. Rookie mistake. 

Just one slice and we were defeated. It was not unlike when we ate raclette. So much cheese, it just sort of sits in your stomach. We have not been in training for this level of eating. The staff were very disappointed by our performance. 

So we did what all Americans seem to do, we got the rest boxed up to eat tomorrow. 

Only slight problem is that I’m now awake at 5am and the whole hotel room smells of pizza. It’s not as appetising as a breakfast smell as it was at 9pm last night for dinner. 

Pizza anyone?


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