Oh the rage

From the river, we saw the glass ledges at the top of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) which is the tallest building in Chicago. And we thought, oh that might be fun, and we can freak out Tom’s Dad with photos. 

How wrong we were…

The queuing began to go through security – never mind, we thought, this is fine. And then to buy tickets, but that’s normal. And they were slightly cheaper than we expected. 

From the top the views were great:

But then came the really big problem. The queue for the 4 glass box ledges that overhang the building so you can look out and down. It was insane. There was no system at all. Two of the boxes were roped off for professional photographs at $26 a pop. That’s in addition to the $22 each we paid to go up there. 

So we joined the line because, you know, we’ve paid to do this so we are darn well going to do it. And it was absolutely maddening. 

Nothing angers a British person more than a poorly organised queue. This queue had no organisation whatsoever, but unfortunately, it was in America rather than the U.K., so instead of everyone forming one orderly line which was then policed by the participants via a series of well times tuts and huffs with the odd eye roll, it became a sort of free for all. Three lines leading to a single window, no idea which one might be the right one to join. 

So we stood there getting progressively more and more irritated for about 30 minutes. In the meantime the person organising one of the paid for photography windows eventually decided maybe she wanted to close it and move it but that seemed to just make things worse. Everyone was angry, kids got restless, and then once people got to the window they all took their sweet time because they waited so long. Sigh. 

We awarded many a prize for the most ‘narcissistic tool’ taking endless selfies. Largely because I bet they will all be posted to social media making it look like they had the most amazing time when really it was just rubbish. 

So here are a couple of photos we took on the glass ledge. We were there for about 1-2 minutes and being constantly jostled by other people and aware everyone was waiting. 

And here’s our faces summing up the whole experience afterwards:

RAGE at the sky deck Chicago. 


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