Thoughts about cake

My main thought is generally that I want to give up my job and open a little bakery. But it’s a fantasy which exists in a world where bakeries easily make a profit, where I can spend all day making delicious cake and talking to interesting customers, and where there is no paperwork or annoyances. 

So in the meantime I just like occasionally visiting the sort of bakery I would have if that world ever really existed. 

Magnolia bakery was one of those sorts of places. 

My one criticism was that, like so many American food places, they give you way more than you could realistically be expected to eat in one sitting. 

We both ordered a slice of cake, and for one triple the size we were expecting. We would have shared except Tom really wanted the ‘PB&J’ cake and I hate peanut butter. He said it’s the best peanut butter cake ever. I’m not upset. No. 

You’ll not be surprised we left with boxes full of 2/3 of the cake we bought…


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