Brits abroad: driving!

We collected the car. Reasonably trouble free though finding the shuttle bus at the airport proved tricky, down to the signage sending us in the opposite direction. 

We upgraded the car slightly so we had a bigger one. Tom was then thrilled to find it has Apple car so we can connect the phone, and particularly, the mapping. This could save on a number of potential arguments. 

Slightly concerned they didn’t do the ‘orientation’ you get when you hire a car in the UK. No checking you know where all the controls are and noting down any nicks or scratches. It meant I had to ask at the exit desk what one of the pedals is for. Turns out it’s the parking brake for parking on hills (suspected that but nice to have it confirmed!)

And then came the baptism of fire that is trying to leave an airport. I missed my exit and ended up going on the interstate in the wrong direction, but thankfully the next exit was close and it was easily correct. 

There was much stress and swearing when we missed coming off to a cash toll booth and then had to try and pay online later. 

But we did eventually make it to I-55 south, and got all the way to Springfield. We made a quick stop in Pontiac to switch drivers. I think we saw everything there was too see, which was not much!

All in all pretty stressful but we’ve got the hang of it now. Hopefully tomorrow we will both sound less like Martin from ‘Friday Night Dinner’!


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