Country Music Hall of Obscurity

A compulsory stop on the Nashville itinerary is the ‘Country Music Hall of Fame’ which documents the history of country music and all those who have contributed to the genre. 

The building is amazing and the exhibits are well presented. We forked out an extra $2 for the audio tour and it was well worth it. Without that I think it would all have been a bit irrelevant for people who don’t know country music. But thankfully the audio tour explained things well. 

Overall there were lots of artefacts from country stars past and present. I didn’t take many photos because I’ve learned over time that you never look back at photos of things in cases in museums. 

Of amusement to me was the following:

Clue: top one speaks for itself. The other two, look for the guns and the boobies. 

The Hall of Fame itself is a circular room filled with bronze plaques dedicated to all the men (and a very few women) who have been voted as having an influence on country music. Most of them we had never heard of. 

And then of course there was the gift shop where we tried on some natty items but ultimately declined to part with any more of our hard earned bucks. 


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