Hatch Show Print

An unexpected highlight of the day proved to be the one hour tour of the Hatch Show Print shop. 

Started in 1879 this Print shop has made old letterpress posters for all the country artists, and indeed still does for all the shows at the Ryman. 

They are now owned by the Country Music Foundation who own the Hall of Fame and they do tours where you find out all about their traditional block printing process and then you get to have a go yourself. 

It was fascinating watching all the printing presses in action. They have six artists and printers and all of them do the whole process for any poster they are given, from design, to carving and layout, to printing all the posters on the press. They have an amazing archive of carved blocks from all the posters they have made over the years, and they haven’t added a new typeface for decades!

Here’s our efforts on the ‘make your own’ bit. Admittedly you only get to do one of the colours and everything else if pre-done but we rather like them:

And here is a poster from their archive that particularly caught our eye. Predictably nothing to do with country music but we did go and see him when he came to Bournemouth on tour last year. 


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