Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee

Today was one of our long drive days, packing in the miles to get to Nashville. 

The scenery has changed significantly since we picked up the car. These were the scenes we drove past near Springfield a couple of days ago. All flat, corn fields either side, and huge farms. 

As we’ve driven today it’s changed to feature more hills, more trees and less corn. 

We took the scenic route and went down through the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. It’s a National Recreational Area. Which means it’s set aside for hiking, canoeing and horse riding and has several campsites. 

We stopped at the visitor centre thinking there might be a cafe for lunch, but there wasn’t so we were very glad of the pringles from the gas station in Nowheresville, Illinois. 

The Visitor Centre did have an exhibition about the area covering its history and settlement and the people who lived there (including Native Peoples forced from the land) but it was incredibly wordy  so we skimmed it. 

We took a turn around the gift shop full of tat but we decided against buying anything. The lady on the desk advised us that paying $5 for the drive around the Bison and Elk reserve probably wasn’t worth it on such a hot day as they would be hiding. So we went on our way. We also decided against visiting the living history prairie village as it sounded terrifying!

So off we went into Tennessee and the thing we most noticed was the massive increase in churches and religious signage. Says it all really. 


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