Lovin’ the Loveless Cafe

Yesterday at the County Music Hall of Fame, Tom spotted a cook book in the gift shop from the Loveless Cafe. A bit of searching online showed that not only was this one of Nashville’s best breakfast spots, full of Southern charm, but it was also at the start of the Natchez Trace Parkway which we were planning to drive to Memphis today. Perfect. 

This picture is deceptive – the place was packed. But also brilliant. We had their traditional country ham with eggs, hash brown casserole and gravy (yes this is a breakfast) and it all comes with a side of ‘biscuits’. 

The ham was ok but very salty. Eggs are eggs. The gravy is made with coffee so I gave it a miss. The hash brown casserole is baked with cheese and was delicious. But the highlight is the homemade biscuits. 

They’re like scones but much lighter. Served warm with different homemade jams, they were worth the trip alone. 

Plus the setting is lovely with an old fashioned charm, and lots of little gift shops to browse while you wait for them to page you to your table. 

Breakfast the Tennessee way!


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