Natchez Trace Parkway

There’s a special road that runs from Nashville to Natchez which follows the old Native route across the country, and is specially free of commercial traffic. It’s called the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Although this wasn’t on our direct route, we were keen to drive some of it, though all of it would take days and miss out some of the places we really wanted to see. Compromising when we planned the trip, we decided we could drive some of it by doing two sides of a triangle from Nashville to Memphis, and it worked out well as our Airbnb in Memphis wouldn’t be ready until 5pm so we were in no hurry. 

The road is one lane in each direction and winds through forest most of the way. I suspect it will be spectacular in about 3 weeks time when Fall really arrives. But it was still beautiful today. 

There are lots of places to stop off and hike along trails or see historic sights or views, but as we did have to get the miles in, and it was 95F and really humid, we mainly kept on going. 

The view point above gives some idea of how far from anywhere most of the road really is. Here’s us with our trusty motor at the view point, looking pretty warm despite only being out of the air con for about 3 minutes. 

The road also went over the Tennessee river and into Alabama so that’s another state ticked off on this trip, if only for about 10 minutes until we went into Mississippi, another new state but we will be revisiting it in a couple of days!

The real beauty of the Natchez Trace Parkway is we barely saw any traffic. Most of the time we were the only vehicle in sight. Happy driving. 


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