Sainsbury’s on steroids

Before getting going on our long drive to Memphis we wanted to get some fuel and cash so we stopped at a Kroger’s supermarket. Might as well have a look round we thought. 

It was entertaining right from the doorway offer. Basket arrangement of candy anyone?

Then we had a look at the fruits and the bakery. Loving the ‘Fall’ themed bakery offerings – I think we need to embrace Autumn in a bigger way back at home. Possibly with less luridly coloured icing, but you know, leaves and stuff. 

And then we went to the fresh seafood and meat counter. Tom, never having been to an American supermarket before, I think wasn’t expecting it to be so insanely plentiful and well presented. But we do know this is the upper end of the American supermarkets, and it was in a really wealthy outer suburb of Nashville. 

Crab legs anyone?

In the end we escaped with a couple of silly items as presents and a renewed sense that America is a weird place. Tom was very sad to leave behind the Star Wars cereal with lurid themed sugar shapes in it but we agreed we do have a lot to thank EU sugar regulation for!

What’s really sad though, is that compared to U.K. prices, all of the amazing fresh produce was relatively cheap. And this is in an upmarket store which is no doubt the pricey end of things. And yet so many people live in food poverty in the US, and so many end up buying cheaper junk foods. It’s a puzzling country all in all. 


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