Memphis Music

Not wanting to miss out on some more live music, but also finding Downtown a bit much and very hot, we headed back to our lovely Airbnb and then out again in the evening. 

The Airbnb has a record player but no TV – a deliberate decision as they seem to be subscribers to the ‘slow living’ movement (they left two coffee table books about it which we skimmed). We enjoyed listening to some records and reading a magazine and generally a slower pace of life. Tom now wants a record player and collection of vinyl but we have nowhere to put one and I’m afraid that he might be becoming a hipster!

In the evening we headed back to trendy Oberton Square where we had dinner the previous night. It’s so trendy they play music in the multi-storey car park. 

The restaurants are nice, there’s an old sweet shop, and a few bars. 

We headed back into Lafayette’s where we had a brief drink the previous night. This band were playing so we enjoyed that for a while. Great music and they really let the black lady sing on one of the tracks. She was amazing. 

Also entertaining was the drunk guy dancing at the front, occasionally joined by one or two others, initially out of pity I think, and then later out of guilt as he began berating people for sitting and enjoying the music with their food. That proved our cue to get going!


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