Walkin’ in Memphis

We didn’t do much walking to be honest due to it being about 35 degrees in UK money (94 according to the car). 

But we did go to a couple of the sights that seemed appropriate. 

We did the Rock n Soul museum which had excellent ratings on trip advisor and was described as a ‘modern museum’. 

The early parts were good, and we liked the fact they played you snippets of songs on the audio tour, which we felt was lacking at the Country museum in Nashville. It was also interesting to see how blues and black music was what made Memphis a centre for music and influenced a whole generation that created rock and roll. 

The bits about sharecropping and music among the poor were really interesting, particularly as we will be staying in a sharecropper shack tomorrow night. More on that story later!

However, as the museum went on the audio tour got really samey and we discovered there was a limit to the number of costumes, instruments and other memorabilia we could look at from artists we didn’t know that well. 

So in the end we rushed the last part and went to find Beale street, the famous street in Memphis with all the music bars. 

Interestingly in Memphis, Beale street, which is the place to go, is not right in the centre with all the skyscrapers. This is because it was the old black district where the black community shopped, played music and socialised. It then grew into the popular music venues that are there today when it became the centre of this new music craze!

It was still quite early in the afternoon on a Sunday so we saw a few of the bars but there wasn’t much going on so we had a milkshake and a lemonade in the old soda shop which was great!


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