Highway 61 Revisited

No, not Bob Dylan. 

Today we took Highway 61 south for about 4 and a half hours. It’s largely straight, sometimes two lanes in each direction, sometimes one. Occasionally there is a small town and some traffic lights. For a memorable portion of the trip there were absolutely massive farm vehicles half in the road which we had to overtake. It was somewhat terrifying. 

We stopped after a couple of hours in Vicksburg for a coffee. 

It was a pretty town on the Mississippi, but then we drove through it to the outskirts back to the highway. Although the centre of town was so pretty, the fringes of town seemed to be dominated by four huge casinos. Prompting me to wonder, where do all the people come from who go to these casinos? Vicksburg cannot be large enough. 

Following Vicksburg we headed to Natchez, though we got off to a slow start when we got stuck behind an ‘oversize load’. And when I say oversize, it took up at least two lanes, and got stuck in a one lane in each direction portion of the road. Eventually it pulled over to let everything past, but we think it was about to get stuck under a bridge. 

The scenery has also changed. Where yesterday it was giant fields of cotton, today we stared to see some swampy areas like bayous. Not too far from Louisiana. 


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