We went to the museum which houses a detailed and well put together exhibition about Hurricane Katrina downstairs, and the Mardi Gras museum upstairs. Quite different subject matter!

In the entrance, the ceiling is hung with bottles, each one representing s life lost to Katrina. 

The museum used lots of individual stories to inform people about this episode in the city’s history. It was really well done, and brought home the sadness and resilience in the New Orleans community.  

What was so clear was how the government failed the people of the city in so many ways. From failing to complete the flood prevention measures planned in 1965 to the utter inability of the different government agencies to co-ordinate a response to the disaster, it was a perfect storm of catastrophies. 

The whole exhibition was really moving, and it ended with a great video presentation shown on windows. The films was ordinary people talking about how the city’s community has rebuilt and become stronger. I was inspired!

The Mardi Gras museum was much less exciting than it sounds.  Very tired, and with their one interactive exhibit out of service, it was just costumes in cases really.

The cleverest thing was the entrance to the toilets. 

The Katrina exhibition made it worth the $6 entrance fee alone, so we skipped through the Mardi Gras section and headed out into the French Quarter to window shop. 


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