See ya later Alligator

A tip from my colleague Sarah’s parents was to do the Swamp and Bayou Tour which leaves from the French Quarter so we got the first one this morning. We got to spend a while on a boat on the bayous to see the wildlife and the beautiful scenery. I love the leaning trees with the Spanish moss which gives them that eerie draped look. 

We also saw a few of the roughly 2.8 million alligators in Louisiana.

Turns out, they like marshmallows! Both Tom and I got to feed an alligator a marshmallow on a stick. Fun! Here’s Tom’s turn. 

And here’s my turn – alligator rather bigger!

Tom also had a turn holding T-Boy, our guide’s pet gator. He was recused as a lame baby and treated. They will release him back into the wild next year when he’s 3 years old. 

All in all, a brilliant morning and one of the best things we’ve done this holiday!


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