24-hour Beignets

We wanted to soak up the atmosphere on our last night, but we didn’t fancy a sleazy tourist bar rammed with people, or paying to get in to somewhere fancy and then feeling we had to stay all evening.

So we headed out for a walk just to absorb the sights and sounds, and then we went to Cafe du Monde for a coffee and a beignet or two. Cafe du Monde is open 24 hours a day selling doughnuts and coffee and is cash only. They must make a fortune as there were loads of people there.

We then wandered back through the French Quarter. We went past the palm readers and tarot readers outside the Cathedral. We went past the 8 or so Christians singing How great is our God in the square. We went past the people spilling out of bars and restaurants. We went past the late night shoppers and others out for a stroll. And we went past the homeless and struggling (we gave away our last beignet and a small amount of money because it’s impossible to just ignore it). 

We went one block on Bourbon Street which annoyed us so much the first day. Here’s a photo of Bourbon by night. I think the stop sign may function here as a warning to all!!

Perhaps the French Quarter most starkly highlights this difference between rich and poor that we have seen throughout our trip. Hotels are full of well off tourists, but the streets are full of those with nowhere to go. But I think that might be the story of America.


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