Napoleon Cafe

Following the paddle steamer experience we headed to Cafe Napoleon for some authentic New Orleans food and atmosphere. We certainly got the good. We will get to the atmosphere!!

We had muffulettas which are Italian sandwiches, and a side of jambalaya. It was really good, and made up for the slightly disappointing jamabalaya the previous day. 

The atmosphere should have been lovely. Drinking Pimm’s cups in an outside courtyard in a shady spot. The place itself has a crumbling charm and has been owned by the same family for almost 100 years. It’s great. 

Unfortunately there was a large group on the table behind us with no volume control. One woman in particular seemed to be conducting a very loud discussion on birth control, poor advice from her OBGYN doctor, and giving tips to her friends on how and when to get pregnant, along with stories about other friends and whether they had or hadn’t yet had a baby. It was difficult to avoid hearing about it, and if we weren’t British and therefore too reserved to do such a thing, we might well have gone over there and made some sarky quip or other. But we’re British so I decided instead to passive aggressively make a really weird pose in the background of her husbands group photo of his mates. Ha!

Woman with sunglasses on head facing the camera is the one to ask if you’re looking for advice on anything!


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